June 30, 2010


As the word turns, no one gets dizzy
Even if the earth's axis is on a constant spin
My head is on its own rotation
And it feels like a bowling ball striking a ten pin.

Into The Bay

Bidding till the end
Panic buying at its best
It's not about how much money you can spend
Winning boils down to a click test.

Digital Order

Chaotic template, organize me
Bring me to a state of stressful serenity
Names with no sense, files that don't exist
Random entries replacing my wishlist.

June 29, 2010

Power Struggle

Low on adrenalin, high on power
Raking in all the nutrients just enough to sleep.
An open-eye nap, a shut-eye walk
And ounces of energy left to sleep talk.


Best noontime show in a midnight slot
A replay refusing to be called a xerox
Live, delayed, recorded, replayed
What's live is the same as what's late.

June 28, 2010

Clowning Asquare

Frowny clowny makes the kids drowsy
Covered with paint and an inverted smile
Happy to end his shift he'll be.
Looking forward to end a happy misery.

Reverse Temperatures

The stone-cold sun chills the outskirts
Icy lava radiance renders it freezing hot
Blazing snow beyond a sub zero desert
What temperature do I feel ?  Nowhere in between it's not.

Am I Good ?

What's so good about damaged goods
What's so good about expired goods
Good is not enough when there's a better and a best
Goods are inferior when you're not a cut above the rest.